Karlskrona – The Innsmouth of Sweden, Exhibit A

by Thom Kiraly

Ever since I moved to the sleepy coastal town of Karlskrona I’ve sensed that all is not as it should be. This is usually the case with me though, something often seems… strange about a lot of things. But the case of Karlskrona is rather different from my otherwise unhealthy paranoia – there’s good a reason for it.
When I call Karlskrona the Innsmouth of Sweden I’m of course referring to the story “The Shadow over Innsmouth“, written by H.P. Lovecraft, wherein a lone traveler decides to visit the town of Innsmouth on the east coast of the US. Why would this young man do such a thing?  To study and admire the architecture, of course! As often in Lovecraft’s stories the protagonist is an educated man with too much curiosity for his own good.

HP Lovecraft, seen here with his Merry Gang of Wacky Pranksters.

What I want to do in this series of posts is present some evidence for my claim that Karlskrona is the Innsmouth of Sweden. We’ll start with a real treat. Literally.

Exhibit A:  Mythos Pizza
At my local pizzeria you can order a pizza called Mythos. If you don’t quite get why this is weird or scary you should check out this wikipedia article. It describes the Cthulhu Mythos (a.k.a. Lovecraft Mythos) and the basic message of the stories of Lovecraft and his Mythos is this: “There are a lot of scary stuff of which we cannot speak without going batshit insane and those who do witness the workings of these things are forced to realize their own insignificance in the universe.”
As for the Pizza; it was OK. Normally, I consider myself a vegetarian, but I had to make a sacrifice to the elder gods and try this one. If you ever eat at Pizzabutiken make sure you try their Quattro Formaggi instead, it’s the best I’ve ever had. However, I would keep away from all seafood in Karlskrona, you never know who’s relative you may be chewing on. You may also find it soothing to quietly chant: “Ia, Ia, Cthulhu Fhtagn” while ordering, it makes my fins tickle, at least…

In conclusion, I’d also like to invite you to join the Facebook Group for those of us who have realized the horror of our little town and who are not afraid to say it.