by Thom Kiraly

Nope, I’m not talking about our friend Hugh. If you’re reading  this post looking for stuff on Hugh Grant I probably lured you here through my cunning use of tags. Consider yourself pwnd. Instead, I’m talking about a grant that I and my company has received from the municipality here in Karlskrona as part of their annual distribution of wealth called Öppna Sinnet. The total amount is 25.000 SEK and is to be used in a “project with signs – virtual/real in the city about the city to engage the residents” (that is their way of expressing it, translated by me, without commas or any kind of language  that makes it possible to understand what the hell we’re doing in this project).

I would see the project as an interactive way of engaging with your surroundings and changing them through, what Alan Moore calls magic; words! It’s going to première at the VIVA festival in Karlskrona this summer, so you’ll have to wait until then to discover the true awesomeness of this Föränderliga Rum.

I won’t say that much much more than that at this moment. We’re all excited to finally start working on this thing for real and I’ll keep posting, thus keeping you posted, on this as it slowly grows into a beast. I’ll try to keep the hype low until there’s a point to it. Until then, check this out.

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