Karlskrona – The Innsmouth of Sweden, Exhibit B

by Thom Kiraly

This is the second post in the series wherein I try to share to horrifying truths of the sleepy coastal town known as Karlskrona (or, affectionately, as Innsmouth). This will be a short one. A while ago I was walking through the winter in the year of our Lordi 2010 and I was reminded of what kind of place this is. I namely beheld… THIS!

Horrible Hobby

What are they doing, you ask? They’re practicing fly fishing. Don’t believe me? Just tell your computer to “enhance” like Rick Deckard in Blade Runner.
This is worse than I thought. Young defenceless men are forced to practice fishing in a park. They dare not approach the water in fear of being swept away to meet their fates, or simply (and more horrible) their childhood friends, to whom they have not spoken in many years. I understand them and feel their pain.
Er… Here’s another pic.

This is as close as I dared go.

Someone told me that this is not at all something to be alarmed by and that some people practice like this, but I think that this person is a resident of Karlskrona and thus shouldn’t be trusted to get anything right, except being able to call on the creatures we call the Deep Ones (some people call them Mom and Dad, but that’s just creepy). Also, the ice that has taken a hold of the waters here are stated as a reason not to go fishing, but obviously they’ve never heard of ice fishing.

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