Propaganda Bureau and the LCDM Blog

by Thom Kiraly

Not much has been happening here, lately, but don’t worry, I’m editing some video evidence for my ongoing series about Karlskrona – The Innsmouth of Sweden.

Yesterday, the Student Advisory Board (of which I am a member) of the LCDM program at BTH launched their student blog. It’s run, moderated and written by students and if you’re curious to find out what I’m up to during my weekdays be sure to check it out from time to time.

Another reason I feel that I don’t have the time (well, energy really) to update here as frequently as I would like to is that my partners and I are working our asses off trying to get our cooperative business going. We’ve moved into our new offices and if you ever feel the need to hook up with us you can visit us here:

Or you can visit our website.
Why do we call ourselves Propaganda Bureau? Because we propagate… and we’ve been watching Mad Men too much to not call it a bureau.