by Thom Kiraly

Once again, a blog of mine is dying. I’m still not sure of what I want to do about it and there are a couple of reasons for this ambivalence. When I started studying at an international program at BTH I imagined I would have a lot more exchange in English than has really been the case. This makes it hard to motivate my writing this blog in English and I guess the English also imposes some restraints on me, since I’m a lot more concerned with my texts in English being coherent and, above all, correct than if they would have been in Swedish. Maybe I need to chill out, it’s just a blog. But that’s just the thing, I don’t have the time to write that I would like to have. I can’t chill. Every entry is destined to become one of these snapshot pieces. (EDIT: alright, this turned out to be more than a snapshot, but who’s blog is this anyway, yours or mine?) I can’t understand these people updating their blogs with insightful shit practically every day. I think it’s called discipline. I don’t have it.

If I do decide to keep the blog (if nothing else, then for the name) I’ll probably be a bit more liberal as to what language I use in my post. I bit of English here, a pinch of Swedish there and maybe even some profane stuff in Aklo.

These things all make me want to shut this down and focus on other stuff. Here’s a few things that are keeping me from doing just that:
I actually do like to write, once I take time off to do it, and I need practice just like anyone else. A blog is perfect for this, yes?  Sure. This is probably the most important point of the few I’ve got.
My exhibits. I hate Karlskrona and these imagined (or are they really? pom pom poooooom!!!) pieces of evidence are part of my few ways of making this town seem more interesting to me than it actually is. I’ve been sitting on material for a very short and strange video for months. I brought a friend along to hunt for clues pertaining to the rumors of the existence of a sign of DAGON.
Things I’m working on. Yes, even though I’ve already said that I’ve already got a lot to do, I’m still working on getting more stuff to do (without getting paid, yes mom). I don’t want to say to much right now, ’cause it would spoil some of the fun, mostly for me.
The fact that it’s not Facebook. This is actually pretty important to me. This blog is mine. It’s my personal little space that I can use for my own purposes. At least, that’s as far as I need to go in this analysis. I’m getting a bit fed up with Facebook, where everything matters equally, so nothing matters at all. Safe to say is that I’m really hoping that Diaspora will deliver on some of its promises. We’ll see in a couple of months. The user alpha is going to be released soon and then… and then.
Upcoming posts. I have a bunch, it’s just that I never finish any of them. For example, I’m planning on doing one based on what was posted on my Facebook-wall on my birthday. I’d asked everyone to not only post a simple message but to post links to the strangest and most fucked up stuff online. I wasn’t looking for gross or disgusting as much as plain strange. And most people delivered. I’ve got 36 links waiting to be posted here. I… just… need… to… get… my… thumb…

Let’s just say that I’ll post that some time soon and then we’ll see, alright? Good.