I have left the Propaganda Bureau

by Thom Kiraly

I just thought I’d state it officially: I am no longer part of the Propaganda Bureau. PB now has one member and his name is Mikael. This decision to leave PB was made by me in order for me to be able to focus more on my studies. My first year in school gave me a lot of space to work on other things on the side, but the second year is much more demanding and I would do a disservice to the idea and ideal that is PB by staying on, producing half-assed material.

I hope that people whose interest in PB hitherto may have been primarily connected to my part in it will keep watching and listening for news from PB in the future, even though I may not be part of the company. The place I would recommend you doing this at is probably the PB Blog. I’ll make it easy for you. Click here for the feed and just add it to your RSS reader already. What is this? The 00’s? Get with the program. The party program, that is.
What’s up there at the moment is Mikael updating us on his progress on his art game (I hope he won’t pour boiling oil on my future children for calling it that) Don’t Get Raped. A very interesting project dealing with a serious and difficult subject in an interesting way. I have so far only been peripherally involved in this project as a brainstormer and I get excited every time I get an update. I also think it is exciting to follow a creative process close up, so I think that these frank updates are the right way to go (my writing this is, of course, a way to get him to write more).

In short, I’ve had a great time working at Propaganda Bureau and if I ever get the chance to do so again, I’ll let you know. For now, I hope that you will keep supporting this middle finger struggling to fight its way out of the clenched fist.
Or, in the words of our friends, the Civil Protection Unit:
“I stand by the party!
The party above all!
Nothing else matters, every day is paradise!”