My birthday gifts. The links.

by Thom Kiraly

So, in an earlier post I mentioned a plan I had to post some links previously posted on my Facebook Wall. But first, some background.
I think that congratulations on Facebook are somewhat shallow. A friend of mine proved this last year when, just a short time after his actual birthday, he changed his birthday date to a shortly upcoming date and getting a bunch of people writing congratulations to him. For this reason I requested that people not only write the standard phrases on my wall this year, but instead post links to the strangest, weirdest, most fucked up stuff they could find online. I wasn’t going for gross, disgusting or horrifying, just strange, unusual. Some folks delivered, others… well, this post is not about them.
So here are the links posted on my wall. A great big thanks to everyone who made my birthday a bit stranger and scarier. I’ll definitely do something similar next year.

I’ll start out with the plain links and move on to the embedded videos in my next post. Enjoy. Oh, also: Ill advised viewers should make sure to be discrete… or something.

WWII written as an online game: WWII Game
Someone came up with the horrifying idea of making sex toys based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft: Necronomicox
Two flash loops: Ahhh and Stockmarket
Wiki-entry: Hungarian Soviet Republic
Forum thread on what Swedish nerds eat: Sveroks Forum
News report: Bear attack
Pic: Nerd
Origami: Dino

Oh, OK, you’ll get one little teaser video.

That’s enough for now.