I’ve left Facebook (the blogpost wherein a great secret is finally revealed)

by Thom Kiraly

Yup, I’ve gone dunnit… for now at least. I’ll admit it, I took the coward’s way out and chose to suspend my account instead of erasing it completely. This means that I may come back at a later time, but the way it is right now, I’m spending way too much time there doing nothing. Nothing productive at least. This step away from the almighty FB may seem strange seeing how I’m a digital media and cultures student, but I Facebook is trivialities upon stupidities, surrounded by wasted time, wrapped in false hopes (and bacon… and I don’t like bacon). I’ll limit my participation on the large networks (I refuse to call them “social media” or “social networking sites” because there is either no definition or no use of the respective terms) to staying on Twitter for the time being. This is not to say that Twitter is less trivial (it is trivial, but in another way), only that, for me, it is less time-consuming to engage in the discussions that are happening there.
I hope that I will use this extra time to study in a more focused way, leaving me time to do other stuff. The things I hope my friends will check out will be posted here instead of on my wall. Ultrasocial? Dunno… Anyway, an example would be this wonderful article by Malcolm Gladwell. You like it? You want more? You got it. You got it? (it’s really not that hard to get… (by this I mean that you should have gotten it(too many parentheses?(probably))))

In relation to this: I’ve kept a couple of projects on back burner for a while and if I do manage to follow a stricter schedule, as far as my studies are concerned, I just may be able to realize some of them. The first one would be my podcast. I’ve been keeping it a secret long enough, so I guess it’s time to say something about it.

Märklighetstroget is the first Swedish podcast about my major geekdom: tabletop role playing games. It is hosted by me. The last year and a half I have started to get interested in “alternative” RPGs, i.e. RPGs that try to challenge or change our views about what exactly an RPG could/should be.  I’ve already written a post about this, read it to find out more. In the post I point to RPG podcasts as being a huge influence in this, to me new and exciting, exploration. Without the podcasts listed there (and the games they talk about of course) I would never have had the cool gaming experiences that I’ve had over the last year. All of this has inspired me to start a podcast of my own. I have this crazy idea that game designers, not only in the U.S but also in Sweden, are also trying out new stuff and coming up with brilliant ideas, but that there aren’t any good channels on which they can talk about this. That’s where I come in. Märklighetstroget is that platform. It is also the place where I’ll be able to express my personal views on games and gaming-related issues, thus creating an outlet for my own geekdoms. I hope that this podcast will help create an awareness and spawn some critical thinking in (at least some) gamers about what they are playing and why they are playing it. The episodes will range from 15 minutes to 40 minutes (or maybe even an hour in extreme cases) and come out two times a month. NB! Two times a month is a MAXIMUM. A MAXIMUM! The first episode will be about the book Play Unsafe by Graham Walmsley, get ready for it by buying it now… here!

Märklighetstroget is one of the reasons I left Facebook.
I hope you’ll like it.