Band Names (from bot-protection)

by Thom Kiraly

My plan was to not post this until I had like 100 band names, but since I’m no longer on Facebook and it may take a while for me to go back there (especially considering diaspora is coming closer to a public beta every day) I’m posting what I have anyway.

The basic idea for this little project is very simple. Everyone walks around with strange names in their head that would not work for anything other than, say, an indie rock band. The thing is that the creative flashes that spawn these brilliant names come at an irregular pace and produces wildly differing results from time to time. Following my earlier post on oulipo this list is a form of constrained or generated writing. What I have done is that I have taken words from bot-protection prompts, as they were presented to me at the moment, and assessed their band name quality. If I deemed the combination of the words worthy I then put them in a Google document and let them sit there. Now I share them all with date of “production”. Almost all of the band names are taken from Facebook. I post a lot of links and when you link in certain ways on Facebook it asks you to do the bot protection thing.

So, here’s the list. If anyone starts a band and uses a name from this list, I’d love to hear about it as long as the music doesn’t suck.
How do you know if I think your music sucks?
You don’t.

Not until you’ve played it to me and then it’s already too late, isn’t it? Damn it, don’t make sucky music and we won’t have that discussion, alright? Fine.

Oh, BTW. Don’t forget to check out my podcast. The first episode is edited and ready. It will be posted on Sunday.

7 March 2010
Shebang Years
The Intruded
Reworked Knowledgement
The Daubs

10 March 2010
By Luxuries

25 March 2010
Reporters Emoted

29 March 2010
Fencer’s June
Invitation Scare

31 March 2010
The Lummoxes
The Limply

06 April 2010
Moliére Family       <— my personal favorite
The Yams

29 April 2010
Subcommitee Gaunted
Of Conduct

19 May 2010
Islands Today

29 May 2010
Control Beyonds

30 May 2010
And Ubiquity

21 June 2010
Well-Tested Kitchen

10 July 2010
Statement Staccato

20 July 2010
Match Considerably

21 July 2010
Establish Methods

27 July 2010
Boss Winner

30 July 2010
French Arkansas

28 August 2010
Sinuses There
10 Friends
Army Fiddles

27 September 2010
Enjoying Yesterday