On a related note, more game poems

by Thom Kiraly

In my last post I showed you guys a short RPG poem I had written. It turns out that I am by far not alone in doing this. Today I bought a PDF from Indie Press Revolution called “24 Game Poems” by Marc Majcher of Gizmet Games. If you want to check it out it’s only $5 and it’s well worth it (it’s always worth supporting small publishers doing cool stuff). The poems are available over at the Gizmet Games blog as well, but not in the same nice PDF format. Since I have only had time to briefly flip through it I can’t say too much about the book other than that the game “We Are The Only Ones Left” will probably be one of my favorites.

Please feed me more links to game poems.

Oh, BTW, if you’re wondering what a game poem actually is the book starts out with a nice quote by Thomas HV Mørkrid:

“A ‘role-playing poem’ is a very short game, where the idea is to investigate a mood or scene or something else of limited scope.”

And a short introduction by the author himself:

Basically, it’s a little game that you can pick up and play in fifteen minutes or so, give or take.There’s no preparation time, nothing to get between you and playing immediately.They generally address some specific mood or emotion, or focus on one particular notion, but not all of the games here strictly adhere to that definition. First and foremost, a game poem is just there to be taken in and experienced with a friend or group of friends for a few moments, and then those moments are over – and hopefully, something small and wonderful will happen in the process.

That kinda sums it up.