My Outstanding Bachelor’s Thesis Essay

by Thom Kiraly

Lots of stuff’s been going on recently, but I thought I’d share one of them in particular: The fact that I’ve graduated.

Yup, I’m finally done. The three years at the Literature, Culture and Digital Media (LCDM) program in Karlskrona are over. I guess what I really want to share is not the graduation ceremony, though it was nice and all, but rather the thesis essay and artifact I made in order to actually graduate. The thesis earned me the “award for outstanding thesis essay” and, though I may pretend to be indifferent about it, this fact actually makes me sorta, you know… proud.

So, two files:
First, the essay. It’s called An Angel Passes By: Posthuman and Acousmatic Voices in Contemporary Live Poetry. It’s about cool shit like this thing by Jörg Piringer and this other thing by Amy X Neuburg and neat ways to approach these cool things. Also, it’s about the voice, which, it turns out, is a really strange thing when you think about it (which I, of course, did… a lot).
Secondly, the artifact. In LCDM, everyone is required to produce and present a digital artifact along with their thesis essay. Since I wrote about poetry, live-looping and all that jazz, I created a poetry performance of my own. It’s called in(si)stances. It’s sorta strange and even has a logo. I created the performace using a mic, preamp, Ableton Live, TouchOSC for iPad and an Akai LPD8 and the whole thing was performed in complete darkness. That was loads of fun.

So, with that done, I’m preparing for a summer of poverty and good times and for IT-U in the fall when I’ll start my studying for my master’s in Game Analysis (how crazy is that?).