Introducing: the Play Journal

by Thom Kiraly

I’m starting a new thing here at the blog. What’s really behind this is probably the fact that New Year’s was only two months ago and that I, around that time of year, always seem drawn to the fantasy of keeping a journal. It never pans out for me, though. Either I never start or I keep it up for only a month or two before losing interest in myself. My tendency is to take the whole thing too seriously. This time, however, it may be a bit different. See, I play a lot of games, and while a few are pure shit a great many are really quite amazing. This Play Journal (for which there’s a special page in the main menu above) will, in fact be something in between a journal and a diary and switch back and forth between dry recording of events and reflection and analysis. It all depends on how tired I am at the end of the day, I suppose.

I hope someone else gets something out of this and that it proves useful to me as well. This journal is not only meant for other people, though it is published online for all to see. It is also meant to remind me of the wonders of being playful and having the privilege of playing every day and that I should be thankful for it (thankful to whom? beats me).