Play Journal 2013-02-18: I beat Super Hexagon!

by Thom Kiraly

First off, let’s start with what’s really important: I beat Super Hexagon!

Super Hexagon


Ever since I played VVVVVV and Don’t Look Back, I’ve been a fan of Terry Cavanagh’s work, so when Kill Screen wrote about Super Hexagon, I bought it right away. I think I gave a couple of people a headache playing it on my iPad on the morning commute from Malmö to Copenhagen. Super Hexagon was my GOTY of the year 2012. Really? Yes. The speed, the music, the replayability, and the fact that it taps straight into some OCD I’ve apparently got hidden away somewhere combines to makes this something very special. So, partly inspired by this poem, I beat Super Hexagon.
Before moving on, though, I should mention that I’ve still got the last bonus level left (the one that’s unlocked when you beat the last of the three “basic” levels and thus the game).

With that said, on to other recent play experiences:

The weekend – Tabletop RPG weekend. I played:
Fiasco (Boomtown + Living Dead playsets),
In Media Res (the John Tynes Cthulhu scenario from Unspeakable Oath #10),
Vaniljdrömmar (a freeform horror/tragedy game that turned out to be quite moving at times) and
Animal Crime (the nice surprise of the event, I highly recommend it, but make sure the Marmot Detective player is ready to go all in on the Noir)

Since it was free, I also downloaded and played Infinity Blade for a while. The grind, the grind, the grind (to be read in the dying voice of col. Kurtz)

Today – Organized a gaming event at Inkonst, Malmö. Played:
Hokra (4 players, using XBOX 360, and PS3 controllers via MotionInJoy)
BaraBariBall (2 players, couldn’t get the PS 3 controllers and Joy2Key to work)
Pole Riders (Laughed my ass off, as usual when I play this bizarre game)
ITHF Table Hockey (got my ass handed to me by someone who knew what he was doing, but the nostalgia and the new understanding for the game made it worth it)
Super Hexagon (I’ve said enough, but I actually beat this one at home, after work)

Also, I played with my kid. We threw a ball, ran around, built towers and smashed them – the usual cool shit we do here.

Not all journal entries will be this WoT. Sorry (for the WoT or lack of future WoT? That’s for you to ponder and me to wonder).