Play Journal 2013-03-13: G4C LBTQ Edition

by Thom Kiraly

It’s been a long time since the last journal entry, but hey, sometimes recording play is less important than play. Anywho…
Last week was intense at times and very calm at other times, at least as far as my play experiences go. I’ll go through them real quick (not really) below.

saints row character creator

On Monday, I researched some games for our Games for Change Meetup this week (i.e. the week I’m writing to you from right now). The theme of the night was HBTQ (the Swedish way to say LGBTQ) in games and gaming culture.

RFFPS (Realistic Female First Person Shooter) – Short and funny game satirizing the portrayal of women in shooters. Try it out, it only takes like three minutes.

Lesbian Spider Queens from Mars – Not what I expected. I had gotten the impression that this was more story heavy, for some reason. The play of it was not very interesting to me, but I appreciate the humor and strangeness (and also the hurt, having listened to Gayme Bar interviewing Anna Anthropy)

Body Issues – Useless trying out a two player game by myself, but hey, what was I supposed to do? Edit: I did try it out with at a meeting leading up to our G4C LGBTQ Meetup. This being a fairly loose game as far as objectives go, it was hard to come up with exactly how we wanted to play. In a way, I guess this is reflection on the game theme and instead of fighting, we ended up exploring each other’s bodies. Strange how these things work, when you stop to think.

Transgression – Brilliant satire on a topic that generally just pisses me off. Unsure of whether or not it is actually possible to spot a penis in this game. I, for one, was unable to. Maybe I’ll just have to give it a few more tries. The music trips me up.

Mind Fuck – Played with V. I don’t know why, but something really pissed me off about how we ended up playing the game. She kicked my ass, but, at the time, I didn’t like the way she did it. I guess she really did fuck with my mind. Touché. (Oh, BTW, yes I did play a hundred Anna Anthropy games)

Tuesday: I was a guest on a live radio show and talked about games during the two hour long show. Good fun.

Blind Side – Tried out this audio game to see if it would be fit for radio. I guess it is, in one way, but it’s too slow to fit the format of today’s show. Very interesting idea, though. I’ll try to play it in a more quite and modestly lit environment next time. An office chair of the spinning kind is recommended.

Surrealist Pursuit – I used MIG instead of TP but I do not recommend doing that. MIG has too many questions with the answers already mentioned or implied in the questions themselves (e.g. what’s the name of that place, place X or place Y?). Also, the questions did not open up many options for answers outside of their categories. We did end up with a couple of laughs, though. We (I) also managed to confuse some listeners in the process. Win!

The Game – I lost it, as did everyone listening to the show… and, since you’re reading this,  you also lost it. Now, go tell someone!

Super Hexagon – Showed it to the radio show host, Rijal. Tried to impress him by telling him I beat the game. Don’t think it worked. Overall, I must say that the lack of people kneeling before and looking in awe at me as a reaction to my beating that game is striking.

g4c lbtq dys4ia

I can’t remember playing much more for the rest of the week (I spent most evenings reading Rise of the Videogame Zinesters, and so should you), apart from the games I ended up putting into the G4C LBTQ Meetup. These games were:

A Closed World
Hunt for the Gay Planet
My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant
Bromancing Saga 2
Queer Power

Saints Row 2 (the character creator)

LIM gets a special shout-out here. Minimalist game about violence and normativity? Yes, please. Go play it right away.

Today: Coming down yesterday’s event (read about it in Swedish here), I’ve only played one game today.

The Button Affair – Another one from a Kill Screen playlist. As with many runner games, that flow you’re really after is never fully achieved. Beautiful art, though. Reminds me of the flatness of the revamped Another World as well as some of the art in Fiasco, which is never a bad thing. The music moves in and out of being ripped straight from James bond to being very close to it. I find that interesting.
I went left. <- You’ll get that one once you’ve made it through the whole game.

I want to finish off with this unexpected goodie inHunt for the Gay Planet. Didn’t expect a homage to Apocalypse World, but come to think of it, I’m not really surprised. I think we should all do what it says.

open you mind - apocalypse world - hunt for the gay planet