Play Journal 2013-03-14: Ridiculous Feeding

by Thom Kiraly

Ridiculous Fishing – Another Kill Screen Playlist game, Ridiculous Fishing manages to be both ridiculous, entertaining and implying some underlying story (mostly through the tweets, which function as a sort of unlockables connected to your purchases in the in-game store). I’ve already retweeted more than I perhaps should have from the in-game smartphone. A smartphone, BTW, that indicates both my actual phone’s time and battery status. This connects my playing to the fishing of the man in the boat and I can’t help but think that the whole thing is either a joke on my expense, or a recognition from the game that it knows I know. A sort of double irony, if you will.
Perhaps one of the strangest things about this game is that it does not, on any level, feel weird to play, despite the premise being utterly bizarre (especially the shooting of the fish in the air).

They Must Be Fed – This one I bought and played because it was mentioned in Rise of the Videogame Zinesters. Maybe I’ve said (written) this before, but that book is going to take a while to get through simply because I want to play so many of the games mentioned therein. Anyway, They Must Be Fed is a game which is easy to get stuck in. Not stuck as in not being able to complete levels, but rather sucked into. The gravity play in this one makes it fun to fail and restart and also opens up the space for completing levels in unique ways. The music is repetetive, though. I wonder if there’s an explanation for the feeding of monsters that takes place at the end of each level other than the one in the tutorial.