Play Journal 2013-03-20 Hold Your hobby Horses

by Thom Kiraly

Note: This is stuff I’ve been playing lately, not a summary of my day.

Danish Clapping – Played it with V while our kid was playing in the sandbox. A nice thing is that V gets carried away so easily that it only takes a couple of games to reach a point of uncontrollable giggles. I have never tried doing it with a lot of people, though. That, I will do at out next play club meeting. Also, watching the video below video makes me long for the day when I can be back at ITU, studying games of’ realz.

Danish Clapping from CPH Game Collective on Vimeo.

PWN – Saw it on iOS Board Games Twitter account and it turned out to be free for a limited time. Lucky me!
I sorta liked the hacking parts of Deus Ex (Human Revolution) and this game is similar. You capture nodes and fight the computer. In this one, however, the AI is not as easy to figure out as the one in Deus Ex. I lost interest at the end of the campaign, though, and ultimately I uninstalled it. It looked like the game would be mostly more of the same and I had gotten tired before the first campaign was over. 
There is a function I never quite figured out, though. You can rotate the levels in 3D, but I have no idea what the deal with that was. I never had the time or amount of control enough to make it seem worthwhile. It wound up confusing me and losing me some games every time I attempted to use it.

Ridiculous Fishing – Every once in a while, I fire it up and try to catch something new. I’m losing interest, though. Too much of a grind as it is now.

They Must Be Fed – Finished it! Doesn’t seem  like any new worlds/levels are coming out soon, so I threw it away. Wish the game had focused a bit more on getting a flow and maybe put in some obstacles only overcome by making carefully calculated jumps where you don’t touch any objects, only use them for gravitational pull to make the jump go faster. There’s only one level I didn’t get all diamonds on, but I won’t bother – it was simply way too hard.

Super Stickman Golf 2 – Another Kill Screen Playlist game. Like many people, I’ve had a thing for golf games ever since Mario Golf (NES). I always liked the putting best though, and SSG2 doesn’t seem to do much interesting with that. Maybe I just haven’t seen it all yet and there will be cool variations later on. Fingers crossed. Putting, after all, is the quirky little mini game of golf.
I downloaded it today so I really shouldn’t say too much just yet.

Far Cry 3 – I feel like I’m going to write a whole lot about this one, but I don’t want to say too much just yet. I was really skeptical about it initially, too be honest. But this Far Cry 3 is growing on me and it seems to do a bunch of clever things pointing to the game in fact being a reflection on the actual play of the game. This may turn out to be a moot point, since all games, in some respects, are always about playing the games. I’ve, however, just reached some scenes that start strongly suggesting that all is not well within the mind of Jason Brody. More to follow? Yeah, if I can stop invading every enemy base and jumping on to every buggy and hang glider I spot. Maybe then I’ll “finish” the game and close the book on it with a longer post.

Finally, my kid is up to all kinds of shenanigans lately. See, Lil’ M developed a fascination with horses and just the other day, M got a hobby horse. Of course, in that twisted little toddler mind, I am the one who has to ride around on it. It’s mostly fun though, and Lil’ M’s horse sounds are priceless.Good fun, kiddo.

PS. Searching for the etymology of hobby horse as a figure of speech, I ended up with this image as my desktop background. Wonderful.

Children’s Games by Pieter Bruegel the elder. (1560)