Play Journal 2013-03-24: Non-larpy stuff

by Thom Kiraly

I ended up writing a ton about a super cool larp I went to the other day, so I split this entry into two. Read about the larp here. What follows are notes on what and how I’ve played recently apart from the larp.

Super Hexagon – I don’t know if it was the sugar rush I was on or if it could be attributed to the surroundings (a boardgame café), but when I decided to play some Super Hexagon I ended up beating Hyper Hexagoner on my second (!) try. That’s insane. I haven’t played Super Hexagon much since I beat the standard levels, but I showed it to a friend yesterday and the 59.12 seconds on Hyper Hexagoner bothered me. 21 seconds on the last levels is OK (even if I did manage to raise that one to 23 today as well), but being so close, I felt I had to just get Hyper Hexagoner done.

I have to admit it was sort of anticlimactic beating the level as fast as I did. I am, however, happy with it and now I have to consider whether or not to face the challenge of the last Hyper level. I can do it! I can do it? Maybe. Probably not.

Super Hexagon - Hyper Hexagoner

Super Stick Man Golf 2 – I’ve kept playing SSG2 every day since I installed it, but I’m reaching the point where my interest in the game is going to steadily decline going forward. The portal level was the coolest so far and as far as level design goes the game is pretty good. I wish there was a way to play more freely, maybe in the practice mode. I would, for example, like to go crazy with combos and be able to speed up time to avoid waiting around for tedious timing purposes.

Still no news regarding to putting, unfortunately. Bummer. “Maybe you should simply get yourself a minigolf game, where all you do is put”? No! The put is accentuated by the way to the green. It’s made more satisfying by the contrast it presents compared to the rest of the game of golf. THERE WILL BE NO MINIGOLF GAMES ON MY DEVICES! Unless I hear about a really good one.

The Best Amendment – Brilliant satire, as always, by Molleindustria. This time, the debate surrounding recent shootings in the US is criticized  and made fun of. The final images after every game are what really brought it home for me. I like them a lot. Here’s an example (far from the most bizarre or funny, but anyway):

The Best Amendment - Screenshot

Oh, BTW, I payed 5 bucks for it. That was a bit cheap.

Splits –  This game always surprises me with the level of play such a simple idea and implementation generates. A major factor that makes me return and replay is the collaborative, and in a way competitive creation of a new playing field every time. It keeps the game dynamic and interesting from play to play.

Today, I played it with a local boardgame designer who had never heard of Splits before. It was nice to show such an elegant game and know that its elegance and slimmed design would be appreciated. I ended up winning, but not with by huge margin.

Finally, a picture of a cute kid (in fact, my cute kid) playing something — I’m not sure what — wearing a cape. Yes, I put the cape there, but Lil’ M liked it.

Photo 2013-03-21 18 28 43