Play Journal 2013-03-27: Super Permadeath

by Thom Kiraly

Two games played yesterday:

Super Hexagon – Fiddling around with my work phone (my own old iPhone 3GS) waiting for a meeting to start, I realized I have an untouched install of Super Hexagon on that phone. This gave me the idea to try out how far I would get on every level without retries and do-overs. The results:
Hexagon – 32.38
Hexagoner – 78.42 (My best result ever on this level! Strange.)
Hexagonest – 15.34 (due to a stupid slip-up)
Hyper Hexagon – LOCKED
Hyper Hexagoner – 13.32
Hyper Hexagonest – LOCKED

Super Stickman Golf 2 – It was quickly slowing down into a full-on grind. I uninstalled it. I guess that means I win.

One game today:

Press X to Give Up – This is probably going to be part of the next Spelrum:Digital. I find it very interesting, but I’m not sure how deep the play goes because I only tried it once. It’s a quick play, though, and I recommend it.

Also, not really relating to anything I’ve played during the last few days, but anyway: I discovered the settings file in JS Joust! How I ever missed it is unbelievable; it’s right there next to the game file. Anywho… I can now adjust the sensitivity of the controllers, let people make teams, turn on the invincibility power etc. etc. etc. This is going to be a lot of fun to take outside… once the fucking snow melts.