Play Journal 2013-04-08: A bit sick

by Thom Kiraly

Recently: There was another Spelrum:Digital, where I played a couple of games. After that event, I was sick for five days. Some of those days were spent playing other games. I finished Far Cry 3 (a long time coming) and Bioshock: Infinite (plowed through it). I’m still a bit ill, so I don’t feel like writing a lot. I also think I’m forgetting some stuff I’ve played. Fuck it.


Far Cry 3 – I’ve said that I want to write more on this game once I finished it, but I’m not sure I will (maybe). A couple of points though:
– Wow. The acting is really good. Vaas is fantastic. His last scene is incredible.
– The meta-commentary is interesting, but dropped too soon.
– The game’s core is very satisfying. If you’re going to make a game about running around in the jungle, skinning tigers and murdering pirates you should make the running and killing engaging. In Far Cry 3, it is.
– It all felt like a shooter to end all FPS games. As if the end of the game was saying “All right, time to do something else for a change”. I agree (but I still played Bioshock the day after)

Bioshock: Infinite – The twist was spoiled online (it was sorta my own fault), but it still managed to engage me. The shooting bored me and I put the game to Easy so I could just plow through the enemies. What interested me was really, really not the shooting or the challenge here. Still got totally stuck on the last fight, though. Incredibly hard compared to everything else in the game. Actually, what made it horrible was that you’re forced to replay the whole damn thing if (i.e. when) you die.

Black Mesa – Couldn’t get into it. I think I was fatigued after finishing Far Cry 3. I played for an hour maybe. The long intro was very, very boring. I get that it’s building atmosphere and whatnot, but my gosh.

The Mission – This was our “featured” game of the Spelrum:Digital night last Wednesday. I really liked it, and not only because I turned out to be somewhat good at it. I hope to play it again soon.

Joust – This game is now a standard feature at the Spelrum:Digital nights. I’m getting my own 7-player set reward soon! And the t-shirt! Also, I played with the settings, now that I know they exist. The musical remix was a welcome addition, at least for me.

QuickDraw – I never quite got the hang of it and I’m also a bit sad that I didn’t get to play GlowTag, which seems like a fun game. Next time, maybe.

Crime City Arcade’s latest creation – Martin from Crime City Arcade was kind enough to try out a new game on their machine. It was a bit weird getting into, but I enjoyed it. Hard to say too much after only one playthrough, but I’ll play it again, whenever I get the chance.

Super Hexagon – Because, you know… Yeah.

Canabalt – Tried to get Lil’ M to play. It didn’t really work out and I ended up getting a lot more excited than the kid did. After that, I couldn’t stop playing for a while.

Spy Parity – Pippin Barr is the best. I only tried out this one game with V, but I’ll try out the other ones as well. I may just buy Carp Life as well, who knows…

Galenpanna – A social board game which is sorta an advanced and more interesting version of 20 questions. I liked the game, but the play was interrupted due to suboptimal conditions (our kid was super sick and unhappy and we had to constantly break the game off. The game is probably designed to be quick, but this made it feel very slow). On the upside, I got to play a game with my mom. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN OFTEN.

Finally, this is a thing near where I live. It spins (if someone makes it) and you can climb on it while it does so. There’s also a little basket level where you can rest (if you’re tiny) as it spins. I think it’s neat.