Play Journal – Knutepunkt 2013

by Thom Kiraly

Sorry to disappoint, but following LEA, Knutepunkt saw me too exhausted to play much of anything. Also, it felt impossible to get into an actual game once the signup closed (a signup I missed). So, apart from the game I wrote about in the last entry, I didn’t get involved in any larps. That said, I did have plenty of playful experiences (workshops, the saturday night party etc.), but documenting them in the Play Journal would feel a bit like grasping for straws, so I’ll skip it.

Super Hexagon – So… Guess what? I fuckin beat Super Hexagon! Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! I sat at one of the KP Short Talks sessions and just as a session ended I reached 45 secs (my earlier record, as you probably don’t recall). This is where my head starts racing. All the possibilities play out in my head and I imagine everything that could go wrong (because gods know there are a lot of it). Basically, my whole head is screaming “YOU WON’T MAKE IT!!! LOSER! AAHHAHHAHHHA” and all I’m trying to do is make it STFU.
Scrambled for my headphones to hear the outro music and see the end animation. Very satisfying.


Suuuuuuuuuck iiiiiiit!

Children’s games – On Saturday morning, I went to a session where we quite simply played a bunch of children’s games. This was similar to what we do at the play club in Malmö and it made me miss it a lot.
The one game I’ll bring back home with me was a pig game we played. Everyone got down on all fours and took turns crawling over to someone else and making a pig sound in their face. Anyone who laughs (even the people who are not in the “duel”) is out of the game. If you felt that the pig noise was getting old, you were also allowed to use the pig noise of your language. Doing this proved to be a winning strategy. Not for me, however.

Quick descriptions of other children’s  games:
Eye contact/switch places – Players sit in a circle and start looking around the circle, clockwise, for eye contact. As soon as two players make eye contact, they get up and switch places.
Chase and freeze games –  Basically tag, but instead of switching who’s “it”, the tagged player freezes in place and needs to be saved by another player.
Zombie Circle game – Everyone stands in a circle. Players take turn waking up, picking a target and doing a quick zombie walk towards them. The target should then wake up and do the same thing and on and on and on and on until someone slips up and is out of the game.
Danish Clapping – Nope. Can’t get enough of Danish clapping.
Murderous Handshake Game – One player is the killer. Everyone walks around shaking hands and greeting each other. The killer does an extra little squeeze when he/she shakes a hand. When you shake hands with the killer, you start counting to ten. Once you reach ten, you die in a loud and dramatic fashion. At any time, anyone can accuse anyone else of being the killer. If they’re right, the game is over – if they’re wrong, they die and are out of the game.

Canabalt – Tried this old classic out later on Saturday, after I beat Super Hexagon. Sure, it was nice and all. I got a good score and made a daring escape. But it just wasn’t the same. It bored me.