Play Journal 2013-05-21: Outta my way!

by Thom Kiraly

I’ve got a crazy week full of all kinds of play ahead of me (Nordic Game Indie Night + Conference + Party, w00t etc.), so I thought I’d get a journal entry outta the way before it just becomes too much to handle. Unfortunately, it didn’t start off as crazy as I’d hoped, since we had to cancel today’s Play Club due to bad weather, but that worked out in the end, as you’ll see.

Mass Effect 3 – Grinding away, saving planets, killing shit, hitting on aliens – all that good stuff. I’m going to try out the non-combat mode soon, I think, because, you know… It’s reeeeeaaaally not about the damn combat.

Monaco – MON AMI! LE CRIME! My Partner in Crime and I finished the Locksmith’s story. I really enjoyed the last level and how that and the story engaged in very clever trope play. The game masterfully combines clichés and silliness with strategy and tactics. It also manages to produce wonderful play and moments of where luck and skill combine to create a rushing sense of flow. That’s of course turned around a moment later when a guard sticks his nose where he’s not supposed to and has do be promptly iced, as the kidz say.
We’re now working our way through the Pickpocket’s story, which requires us to clear the Locksmith levels first. Where we used to team up as the Cleaner and the Hacker or Mole, we’ve now adopted the Locksmith + Pickpocket setup for most missions. Lookout and Cleaner is also nice. I like the Cleaner. He doesn’t ramble on and on the way I do. Also, chloroform.
My only problem with the game is that, due to us playing locally on my Partner in Crime’s computer, I’m going to be far behind on my Steam account even though I’ve completed the whole thing. That’s a bit of a bummer, but somewhat understandable.

Vesper.5 – I got to look at the green thing! Check it out!!!

Vesper.5 - Green Thingy

Impossible Road – To my surprise, this game is already losing some of its charm. I didn’t uninstall it just yet, though, since I read that there were some updates planned and those updates arrived a day or two ago. The biggest change is that a run can be instantly restarted (or rather, a new one is generated) while you’re already playing the game. This mitigates the situation of knowing you’re out of the game but still having to wait for it to be over as well as restarting the whole thing. A small patch, but it helps.

Hide and Seek – The Play Club session may have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean one can’t play anyway. My kid got to try out a first: Hide and Seek! It was kick-ass and a bit confusing to the poor child. We took turns hiding and seeking and though Lil M is a bit too keen on giving away  his hiding spot, it was very enjoyable.