Play Journal 2013-07-26: Die, Play Journal! Die!

by Thom Kiraly

I’m retiring the Play Journal. At least in the form I’ve been keeping it up until now. The amount of stuff I have to write to keep up with my play experiences is overwhelming and doesn’t serve to make me a better writer. I keep repeating myself when writing about games I’ve played before or have only made some progress in. and that’s not very interesting. The Play Journal is, nonetheless, useful in documenting play, making writing a habit, and spreading the word about stuff I think others should try.

Going forward, entries in the Play Journal is going to take one of two forms: a short list of things I’ve played recently or a post on a specific subject related to games I’ve played recently. The former, I plan to make weekly. The latter may be conceptually separated from the journal later as it may or may not be useful to think of it as journaling play. Examples I’m considering are posts on playing with drunk people (written after my experiences at Roskilde a couple of weeks ago) and the strange desires at work in reality-sceptic fiction and play (inspired by reality gaming and a tabletop role-play session in the Matrix setting).

I’m also opening up discussions on this blog again after having had them closed down for a while. I still imagine that what little discussion does follow will be taking place elsewhere, but this way, at least, you get a chance to ask me to say more about games even if you don’t know me anywhere else online. Neat, isn’t it?

So, in keeping with my new approach to documenting my play experiences, here’s a list of stuff I’ve played recently (you can probably tell that it’s been a while since my last Play Journal entry):

Johann Sebastian Joust – PS Move game
Get on Top – Trampoline-controlled/PS Move game
Zumbie – Wii game
Donkey Kong – arcade game
Pac-Man – arcade game
Giant Starfish Kraken Rodeo – street game
Cards Against Humanity – card game

Malmö Play Club Deluxe sessions
PEZ-throwing contest – physical game
Korven – physical game
Pirate’s Treasure – physical game (Capture the Flag variant)
Ninja – physical game
Turtle Wushu – physical game
Bureau and Agent, reality game
Danish Clapping – physical game
Rock, Paper, Scissors tag – physical game
Go-Tag – physical game
Vampire – physical game

Call of Cthulhu – Tabletop RPG (actually, The Fall Without End)
Letters from Whitechapel – Boardgame (played Jack and won)
Shadow Hunters – Board Game (good, but played against the sorest winner ever)
Johann Sebastian Joust – PS Move game
Quick Draw – PS Move game
The Matrix – Tabletop RPG (Using Fate rules)

Zombies!!! – digitalized boardgame
Impossible Road – racing game(ish) (New personal best: 151)
Dots – puzzle game

Apocalypse World – Tabletop RPG
Vesper.5 – exploration game
Surgeon Simulator – a surgeon simulator
Left 4 Dead 2 – Co-op zombie killing
Monaco – Co-op heist game
Super Pole Riders – local multiplayer sportsfriends game
Fallout: New Vegas – I blame the Steam sale
The Witcher – I blame the Steam sale even more
I Have Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions – humoristic bureaucracy game
Rotational – Super Hexagon homage in 3D