Play Journal: August 12 – 18

by Thom Kiraly

These are some games I played last week. You can probably tell that I’m back at my job again. That job also happens to running around at a festival all day long, so this update is late and I’m too tired to write good comments on the games. 

Super Hexagon
Danish Clapping
Gone Home [OK, so there’s this one comment I want to make: Play this game! I twitter-ranted about it last night, but here’s the gist of it: Gone Home is an honest, beautiful, subtle, sentimental and bittersweet game. This is far more than can be said of most games out there today. Even comparing it to your typical manshooter is unfair as it aims (hehe, aims… manshooter… hehe) for something completely different. This is a game that actually wants to do something, cares about what you think and wants to talk to you. It is sad that these traits are the exception in (digital) games today.]
Little Inferno
Vesper.5 [Getting there…]