Play Journal: August 26 – September 8

by Thom Kiraly

My first week as manager of the project I’m working at left me with less time than usual for short games. This was more than made up for in quality, however, as I participated in my first black box larp, Hvid Død. The week before that offered no interesting play, so it’s slipped in here without making much of a fuzz.

Dots [I feel so stupid that I was actually excited about the new play mode and didn’t get that it was a marketing thing. Gravity day, go away.]
Vesper.5 [Still still still getting there…]

Hvid Død [This is going on my top ten list of play experiences for 2013, without a doubt. This experience bordered on… life changing, I guess (I really don’t know what word(s) to use to describe it) and I can’t get it out of my mind. Just like in many of my best roleplay experiences, this game allowed for a collective and temporary falling in love marked by a feeling of absolute acceptance between the players. Hvid Død is a very physically active game and as I often do with these things (dancing, play, moshpits) I went all in. And as it often does, it paid off big time. There really is no way to have a good experience of this sort of scenario without allowing yourself to be swept away, as well as doing some of that sweeping yourself. I should probably write about what’s so great about this game before I forget it all. In the meantime, watch the end of Rocky Horror Picture Show (the Don’t Dream It, Be It part) to get a feeling for where I was at times.]

Delta Green: Convergence [Nice to run a Delta Green game again, especially with players who were really into it. The scenario is so DG canon as to almost be too much. It does, however, throw a couple of curve balls at the players and, for our group, this worked out just fine. Finally, this was my first time trying out the new Call of Cthulhu quick start rules and they seemed to be appreciated. I particularly enjoy the simplifications introduced by for example replacing the old stat values with percentile values.]

Burning Empires - papercut

An unrelated image where I display a nasty paper cut I sustained while preparing for a coming Burning Empires campaign.