Play Journal: September 9 – October 6

by Thom Kiraly

I’m really falling behind with these updates. A month? Really? Gotta get it together. The WOOOORLD must know!!!
Oh well, here’s what I can recall having played. Not everything is linked to, but I guess you’ve heard about Google. No? Funny, they’ve heard about you.
This is probably not a complete list, but then again… is anything ever comple

Mobile Games
Batman: Arkham City Lockdown [OMG. So boring I almost fell out of this stupid overstatement I seem to now be caught up in with no apparent way out. Damn it.]
Dots [Lost its appeal after the gravity thing and I haven’t really played it much since]
Expander [Tried it and then uninstalled it.]
Super Hexagon [Played it a lot during a particularly boring train ride and set a new record(!). That’s always something, I guess.]

Computer Games
Vesper.5 [I think I’m almost done. I think. Funny note: having approached an object and sat down, the person in the game totally looked like an inverted Sideshow Bob.]

Vesper5 - Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob, is that you?

Gaby gaby gaby [Gaby. Gaby? Gaby!]
Last Tango (spy game) [Very good idea and a fair execution.]
Cookie Clicker [Get me out of this world, what the fuck, how in the name of the flames of hell do I get conned into playing this shit?!?!? Ahhh. Can’t stop.]
Papers, Please [Not as hot as I expected it to be. Still more impressed with Republia Times, I think. ]
I am level [Guess I didn’t give it enough time or something. Maybe there’s something there, but I feel like I’m getting burned by the Kill Screen playlist again and again. Should probably stop listening to them]

Lekklubben 18 sept
Say yes! [A variant on Simon Says, but with more creative freedom given to the players.]
Wink murderer
Fantastical Journey

Lekklubben 25 sept
Ninja [I won too many times. That’s bad form, Thom.]
Inte nudda mark + kull
Danish Clapping
This is My Nose [I thought this one would be easier, but it turned out to be quite tricky. One person in particular provoked violent fits of laughter with increasingly hilarious misunderstandings of the rules. I still find that we laughed WITH, not AT, the poor bastard.]
Hand duel game []
Storytelling game [We tried two variants; one where we would bounce a balloon around the group and the receiver said one word to continue the story, and the other where we went around the group saying a full sentence each. It’s a good way to calm down after a very active game.]

Vesper5 Bird


RPG Weekend
Lady Blackbird [My heart wasn’t in it, so the game didn’t really go anywhere. Also, I had a player trying to stress test the system, which it is not built for. That was sorta suboptimal]
Fiasco x 2 [Touring Rock Band and Tales From Suburbia. Both were games meant to introduce new players to the game, and as is often the case with those games, it all turned to over-the-top comedy. I enjoyed it alright, but I’d like to play a more subdued game, maybe even aiming for tragedy.]

Birthday gifts
The Amazing Dare-Dozen  [SPOLIER ALERT! Not very amazing, actually.]

Game Analysis Workshop Games
The Stanley Parable
[As part of a game analysis workshop, I played this. I made some choices, but the students got to shout out where I should go. In a sense, I was in a situation somewhat like Stanley’s, I guess. Also, HD version coming soon (which could be the single best joke that game makes)!]
Skirt Quest [The one game included in the game analysis workshop that I had never tried. I tried it and I sucked at it. Still included it in the workshop, though. It has some interesting parallels to LIM in terms of mechanics.]