Play Journal: November

by Thom Kiraly

Another day, another Play Journal entry.  But wait! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Not many updates at all in November…
There’s a good reason for my absence: I had another kid! Woohoo! It’s always nice to be able to give the old “oh, it’s my kid’s fault” excuse, you know. Anyway, here’s November:

Keep Me Occupied – Played it at work. My colleague was impressed. Maybe we’ll use it for something.

Super Hexagon – Because I can’t keep away, I guess. Set a some new records:
Hexagon – 186:12
Hexagoner – 188:33
Hexagonest – 91:22
Hyper Hexagoner – 204:54 Lemme just stop here and point out: I broke 200 secs! With my newborn in my lap (acting as a boost, I’m sure.)
Hyper Hexagonest – 72:07


Not a game, but play nonetheless?

Canabalt – Showed it to the neighbor kid and gave it a couple of goes myself.

Luxuria Superbia – Played through all levels, using an xbox controller. I strongly suspect that it’s a very different (and better) experience playing on an iPad where the touch element is allowed to… bloom. Unfortunately, my iPad is too old to handle anything but reading, really.

Fallout: New Vegas – A couple of years late to the party, but there is some good stuff here. Some highlights have been: exploring Vault 11, my Novac investigation, the ghoul space journey, and generally just crawling around the wasteland not trying to alert radscorpions or fire ants or raiders or those… flying things.

The Secret World – Thought it sucked until I played with a friend. That probably goes for most MMOs. I just could NOT buy into the illuminati story (what’s the point of trying to project some sort of sense of mystery or paranoia, when EVERYONE FUCKING KNOWS you’re out there?), so I switched to good ‘ol Templars. I’m not hugely invested in the game (financially or otherwise), but it’s a nice way to pass the time and shoot some shit with my buddy. The highlights are the investigative missions, without a doubt. There aren’t too many of those, though.


Vampire! at Malmö Play Club

Malmö Play Club Session – Chip Chipoi!, Syncing Charades, Vampire, ska vi säga ja?, the Mood Bus, Stand Up, Lap Game, Group Sync (I’m just listing all of these things here, not worrying about whether or not you know what the hell I’m going on about. Hope that’s OK.)

Mirror Moon EP – I’ve played through the first planet and was very impressed. There are moments of wonderful discovery as well as the usual frustration that I experience with most puzzle games. I hope I’ll be able to give it another try soon.