A Drift: Playtest (updated)

by Thom Kiraly

(This is a repost of what’s already here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1424740054461601/)

NB! Maximum 10 testers. Sign up by emailing thom.kiraly@gmail.com

Join Research in Applied Living in playtesting our latest creation called A Drift. It’s a group-based game of sorts where you wear headphones, listen to ambient soundtracks and take turns leading the group in an exploration of your surroundings focusing on sights, smells and things you can touch. This is one of the last playtests before we run it at w00t.

I say “we”, but it will actually just be me, Thom Kiraly, giving you some initial instructions and then joining you in the test. Instructions will be in English or Swedish, or both. The game itself is non-verbal.

A Drift takes about 2 hrs and involves a lot of walking. Apart from that, the game is not meant to be physically challenging, so wear comfortable shoes on your shoes and whatever else you feel like on the rest of your body.

When: Tuesday May 27th at 6-8 pm.
Where: We start at Kontrapunkt, and see where we go from there.
What to bring: Headphones (preferably in-ear buds as they block out other sounds) and comfy shoes. Maybe a water bottle, if it’s hot out.
Why: Because it’s cool to explore the city in new and strange ways, plus it’s a cheap way to act as a patron of the arts. :)

PS. We can meet up at Kontrapunkt at 5 pm and have food together since the communal dinner there starts at 5.