Play Journal: April, post Knutpunkt

by Thom Kiraly

This is another very late Play Journal post. Now that I’ve quit my job and I’ve “only” got master’s studies to worry about, I’m trying to catch up with these things. As usual, I do it mostly for me, so if anything seems unclear or stupid it probably is.

140414 - jump
The Walking Dead S02E02
– This, the second episode of the second season, felt much more railroaded than any previous episode. A lot of “oh, it doesn’t matter what I say or do, so I may as well just go along with whatever people are doing”. I think that this is always the case with Telltale games, but they’re usually more skilled at covering it up. The dialogue tree is really just a funnel designed to keep you going, but in this case, it just felt like trudging along a well-beaten path.

Despite these reservations, S02E02 did deliver some nice emotional payoffs from season 1, but I won’t spoil them here (huh!? No spoilers? I must be getting soft).

Stick of Truth – When a South Park game is release, it’s consider it my duty to play it. I haven’t completed Stick of Truth and probably never will but it did make me laugh quite a few times.

Super HexagonNight SkyTeggleTrials FrontierImpossible RoadZiggurat.

NidhoggLuftrausers (I was supposed to be working, but I played Luftrausers instead. I guess that’s why there’s some weird feeling of guilt associated with this game now.), The Stanley ParableThomas Was AloneDayZ.

140417 - smesports


Sorcerer RPG – I have serious problems with the text for this game. Being basically a monkey in human clothes, I was kinda hoping that the revisions would actually mean a reworking of the text rather than a text twice as long and just as confusing. This is not the case.
Ultimately, I think that the text is very unclear on how the game is supposed to be run. It took me a while to figure out that characters are often going to be split up and may not even meet. My gripe is that there is no good way to engage the players currently not in a scene (yes, I know we’re all adults and are supposed to be able to bring that excitement to a game by our own volition, but come on…), at least not as the game is written. I’m afraid this is going to turn into another one of my white whale RPGs.

Play Club Stuff: Face pass, jungle telegraph, name and sound round, sun and moon, follow the leader, circle clapping game.
Sportsfriends (inluding Tennnes, SuperPunchBall and Smesports)
Dance Central 3 – thinking that my danceoke skills would be put to good use, I tried getting into it. Couldn’t, though. Improvisation is not really encouraged. And maybe I’m not that good at dancing anyway.
The Home Front – lots of toy play centered around the story of The Lion King. I’m always a hyena… or a lion. Or a gnu (which means a lot of running, I’m afraid).

140413 - mask

My kid, wearing a mask. Nothing to see here, please move on.