Short Games for Lonely People every day of 2015!

by Thom Kiraly

On a dare, or impulse, or because of some ancient curse, I’ve committed to writing a Short Game for Lonely People every day all the way through 2015. This means I will stop posting them here on Instagib and instead urge you to check out for the latest games.

I’ll still post other things (mostly play journals) here on Instagib, so don’t worry.

Also, please check out my friend Josef’s blog. He’s doing the same thing I’m doing, but with poems over at:

For some amazing reason, I’ve put together this creature to be used as a mascot for the SGfLP project. I think you will get along just fine.


Tomorrow, I hope to be able to put up the 2014 Top Ten Play Experiences list, so check back if you care about that sort of stuff.