Who writes this shit, anyway?

Oh wow. Hi, my name is Thom Kiraly. I teach game design at a “folkhögskola” in Malmö, Sweden. I used to try to get people to play games through organizing events and generally just facilitating playful experiences. Now I can just force my students to do it. It’s great.
I’m also an occasional spoken word artist and poet (not as much as I used to, but still), and international madman of misery. I live in Malmö, Sweden.

This blog has been inactive for a few years because I got kinda fed up with games and everything I was doing and tried to be about. I did manage to get a like by the late, great Bernie DeKoven on this page so it wasn’t all for nothing.
Inspired by an exercise in Game Design Workshop, I used to document most play activities I took part in. It’s a stupid idea and it probably drove me crazy, but I want to try to get back to it. Here’s to being back on your bullshit!

Way back, I tried to write Short Games for Lonely People every day for a year and got halfway through. Check them out, even if you’re not very lonely.

You can also find me here: Facebook, Instagram or Steam.