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Short Games for Lonely People: the zine!

January 17 is Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day. Four years ago, I made the resolution to write one of my Short Games for Lonely People every day for a whole year. I made it past January 17, but called it quits halfway through the year. Making a resolution to write something every day for an extended period of time is a very bad idea. What happens when you get sick? When life get in the way, as it so often and so brutally does? Does your project fail if you take a weekend off? Silly, really. Don’t do it. Be nice to yourself.

In celebration of resolutions made and ditched, I’ve printed a few short games on some pieces of paper, stapled them together and called it a zine. I honestly didn’t edit or select games very carefully, but having been through what can charitably be called a “creative slump” for the last… ehrm… few years, I’d say that my new motto is that it’s better to do something half-assed than to do nothing at all for such a long time that you eventually convince yourself that you’re no longer able to do anything. Yeah, welcome back to overshare central btw.

Hit me up if you’d like one of these. I don’t plan to charge for them, but I also won’t pay for postage so send me some coin to cover that.

Impact font!

Level up.

Short Games for Lonely People every day of 2015!

On a dare, or impulse, or because of some ancient curse, I’ve committed to writing a Short Game for Lonely People every day all the way through 2015. This means I will stop posting them here on Instagib and instead urge you to check out for the latest games.

I’ll still post other things (mostly play journals) here on Instagib, so don’t worry.

Also, please check out my friend Josef’s blog. He’s doing the same thing I’m doing, but with poems over at:

For some amazing reason, I’ve put together this creature to be used as a mascot for the SGfLP project. I think you will get along just fine.


Tomorrow, I hope to be able to put up the 2014 Top Ten Play Experiences list, so check back if you care about that sort of stuff.

SGFLP #041 – Feelings Game

Feelings Game

Short Games for Lonely People #041:

1. Befriend your local librarian.
2. Ask your new friend how they feel about electronics.
3. Ask your new friend how they feel about snow.
4. Ask your new friend how they feel about love.
5. Throw a book through a window when your new friend isn’t looking.
6. Count the number of steps between you and your new friend.

SGFLP #040 – Zombie Game

Zombie Game

Short Games for Lonely People #040:

1. Learn how to shoot.
2. Learn how to use a machete.
3. Stock up on guns, ammo and machetes.
4. Get a pickup truck.
5. Make the pickup truck into an armored pickup truck.
6. Educate yourself on renewable energy.
7. Equip your house with solar panels.
8. Learn crucial survival skills.
9. Learn some really cool survival skills.
10. Wait for the apocalypse
11. Wait for the apocalypse
12. Wait for the apocalypse
13. Wait for the apocalypse
14. Wait for the apocalypse
15. Die alone.

SGFLP #039 – Tired Game (Written with Jonas)

Tired Game (written with Jonas)

Short Games for Lonely People #039:

1. Pick up a hammer.
2. Think real hard about whether or not you really want to play this game.
3. Go to bed.
4. If you wake up, level up.

SGFLP #039 – Snowy Game

Snowy Game

Short Games for Lonely People #038:

1. Carve your name on a street sign.
2. Throw snowballs at the sign.
3. Make up a new name for yourself.
4. Walk for fifteen minutes.
5. Put up a street sign.
6. Score yourself based on how many times you managed to change your accent during this game.

SGFLP #037 – Adventurous Game

Adventurous Game

Short Games for Lonely People #037:

1. Dare to dream.
2. Dream to live.
3. Live to fight.
4. Fight to kill.
5. Kill to eat.
6. Go to jail cause you’re a fuckin’ cannibal. Psycho.

[Optional extra adventure: Bust outta jail on a dare!]

SGFLP #036 – Bored Game

Bored Game

Short Games for Lonely People #036:

1. Roll dice.
2. Move pieces.
3. Wait.
4. Think.
5. Wait.
6. Think.
7. Wait.
8. Roll dice.
9. Move pieces.
10. If you win the game, you win the game.

SGFLP #035 – TV Game

TV Game

Short Games for Lonely People #035:

1. Get up right now.
2. Sit up.
3. Go to your window.
4. Open the window.
5. Stick your head out.
6. Yell: “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”
7. Repeat step 6 according to taste.

SGFLP #034 – Broken Game

Broken Game

Short Games for Lonely People #034:

1. Pick up the pieces.
2. Get glue.
3. Get a container large enough to fit over your head.
4. Pour the glue into the container (all of it).
5. Put the container over you head.
6. Merge with the container.
7. Forget about the pieces.
8. Forget about the pieces.
9. Forget about the pieces.
10. Gain a skill point for each piece you forget about.