Play Journal 2013-03-02: Playlisting

I’ve played two games the last three days, both from the last Kill Screen Playlist (sign up for that shit, if you’re not already):

Year Walk – Heard a bit about this one a while back and liked the trailer. I did not spend as much time with it as I would have liked to, but the short play I got out of it still managed to present some really disturbing material. To avoid spoilers I won’t say too much, but so far I have seen no reason to regret the STAGGERING 28 SEK I put into this game.

Also, the companion app seems like a good tool for RPGs.

Backflip Madness – So, this is clearly not a game that will be remembered by coming generations (I hope my kid never finds out that I neglected my parenting duties playing this). Nonetheless, there is something there. I think this short Kotaku review nails it:

“There’s enormous satisfaction to be had from nailing a landing, similar to an experience likeTrials, and even your failures become glorious once your broken body starts ragdolling around the weirdly elaborate levels.”

I’m currently at the last level, going strong… sorta. Actually, I had to lower the difficulty level a bit in order to get there. For me, I guess this game’s big draw wasn’t the actual flipping, but rather seeing all levels and getting to try out all jumps. It is however a rather strange game, and I can’t not play strange games.